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Since 2017, Deepinsight has gathered some of the world’s best minds within mathematics and coding. We have created an innovative and warm environment which works towards improving the healthcare sector using data and machine learning

In 2017, our founder, Olav Willumsen Haugå, dropped out of his PhD in mathematics. He had seen how data and artificial intelligence were about to change the world, and realised that in order to join in on this journey, he had to act now. The result was Deepinsight, a company based on data and a warm and inclusive environment, where nerds can be happy. In order to gather the right competence and experience, for the first few years Deepinsight mainly focused on consulting for big Norwegian clients such as DNB and Varner. The goal, however, has always been to create products that give back to society. A milestone was reached in the beginning of 2021, when Kernel, an eHealth and technology company, became an investor in Deepinsight. This made it possible for us to focus on developing and delivering data-driven services and products to the health sector