Fagskolen Rogaland


Fagskolen Rogaland

Vocational school Rogaland includes all county municipal vocational school offers. The school has two locations: Stavanger offshore technical school which offers health and care subjects, as well as technical educations.

Vocational school education is vocational education based on vocational / journeyman's certificate or equivalent prior learning (minimum five years). The educations have a scope of half to two years of study and are part of the tertiary education. A vocational school education must be directly linked to the needs of working life, and many of the school's offers have been established at the request of companies and businesses in the region. This is also the case with the educational offer within welfare technology, which the school has applied for approval to start. In addition to this education, other specializations in health are offered such as;

  • mental health and substance abuse work
  • health, aging and active care
  • cancer care and palliative care

Other disciplines are:

  • Construction
  • Electro
  • Maritime subjects
  • Petroleum
  • Technical and Industrial Production

In electrical engineering, we offer i.a. automation. In this education we offer specialization in welfare technology. Here are topics such as innovation, ethics, operation and maintenance.