Universitetet i Agder - Senter for eHelse


University of Agder - Center for eHealth

We provide practical, user-oriented research and needs-driven development with high professional quality and through this contribute to better solutions that can provide security, social contact, care and quality of life in everyday life.


The Center for eHealth will collaborate both internally with other academic environments at the university, and externally with other research environments, the health services, the business community and towards the user environments.

Through co-creation, the center will be a driving force for developing efficient and user-friendly health services that better address users' needs.

We will contribute user-centered research at a high international level with a focus on interaction and health (telemedicine and welfare technology).


Our goal is to use technology as a tool for innovative and efficient, user-centered health services. We will help to bring Agder to the forefront with regard to collaboration in the health sector; as a model region for research and innovation.

Specific goals for patients and end users are:

  • Security and safety
  • Empowerment and independent living
  • Better quality of life
  • Active and healthy aging

Specific goals for the health service are:

  • More goal- and cost-effective patient treatment with increased perceived quality
  • New and improved practice
  • Involvement of users, relatives and volunteer caregivers
  • Ethically sound use of health technology

1. Learning and education for the future - the center will

  • contribute to integrating research and education in health
  • contribute to strengthening teaching competence in health
  • stimulate critical reflection and ethical thinking

Operational objectives:

    • We want to contribute to health becoming an integral part of current educations (health sciences, social sciences and technological educations) at bachelor, master and PhD level.
    • We will contribute to the Master's Program in Health and Social Informatics.
    • We will offer PhD courses in eHealth
    • We will offer continuing and further education courses if needed

      2. Global mindset - the center will

      • strengthen our research quality through international research collaboration
      • strengthen our position as an attractive partner
      • integrate global issues, and contribute to answers to global challenges
      • make our research international
      Operational objectives:
      • We will develop a long-term collaboration with selected national and international research partners that focus on health
      • We will develop binding cooperation with national and international networks
      • Through our position as a "Reference site" in the European Innovation Partnership (EU`s EIP), we will contribute to safeguarding the region's interests
      • We will participate in international research programs (Horizon, EIP AHA, Interreg)

      3. Community involvement and innovation - the center will

      • contribute to solving the complex challenges of the future in health
      • develop new models for co-creation of technological solutions and work processes
      • further develop culture for innovation, in close collaboration with the environment
      • engage in the public debate and contribute to critical reflection
      Operational objectives:
      • Collaborate closely with the health services, primarily in Agder, and with government agencies
      • Work closely with industry partners
      • Work closely with user organizations and representatives