Universitetet i Bergen, Det medisinske fakultet


Heidi Annette Espedal
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University of Bergen, Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine has about 1,200 employees, about 1,900 students and with its more than 500 PhD candidates is one of the largest contributors to the research education at the University of Bergen.

The faculty was first established on 15 August 1946. On 1 January 2008, the faculty merged with the Faculty of Dentistry and established the "Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry". The two faculties worked together on the basis of a desire to develop oral health as a more integrated part of the health concept and to be able to offer more interdisciplinary education and research. In addition to medicine and dentistry, the faculty offers professional education in pharmacy, dental care and nutrition, and has several master's degree programs in health sciences, biomedicine and global health. In June 2017, the faculty changed its name to "The Faculty of Medicine".

The faculty covers a wide range of research fields. It hosts two Centers for Outstanding Research (SFF), Center for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) and Center for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (CISMAC), four KG Jebsen Centers for Research on Diabetes, Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Brain Tumor and Autoimmune, respectively. diseases, and an ERC project (advanced grant) in diabetes and obesity research. In addition, research groups at the faculty take part in a SFF, the Norwegian Center for Mental Disorders (NORMENT), hosted by the University of Oslo. The faculty's research infrastructure is organized in a total of eight core facilities.