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CheckWare AS

CheckWare is a leading provider of solutions enabling digital healthcare. We are an international software company that has taken a leading position in solutions for digital patient involvement.

We enable patients to actively participate in their own treatment through digital clinical assessments, remote patient monitoring and internet based treatment programs.

Manual and paper-based routines and diagnostic-specific solutions are replaced by a complete digital solution that can be adapted to any care pathway and integrated with other clinical systems such as electronic patient record systems (EPR).

CheckWare provides access to all clinical assessments and outcome measures needed. We have digital distribution rights to more than 1,100 clinical assessments, tests, PROMs, and diagnostic interviews. These are used in all areas of healthcare. Our customers can also digitize their own questionnaires and forms, and CheckWare can integrate with 3rd party health apps.

Patients complete assessments online from anywhere and on any device. Healthcare professionals have immediate access to the patient's status and change over time, enabling more efficient face-to-face appointments and remote patient monitoring. This significantly increases patient participation increases the quality of treatment while freeing up resources to be spent on direct patient treatment.

Designed specifically for trusts, hospitals and clinics, CheckWare provides solutions with high professional expertise and quality for digital clinical assessment, remote patient monitoring and online treatment programs.

We have delivered solutions for digital patient involvement since 2007 and today we have offices in Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Poland.

We work to our values - being dedicated to our customers, reliable and use innovation to deliver quality.

Our vision is that patients worldwide will receive better care and improved health outcomes through digital health services.


Med CheckWare kan pasientene selv rapportere om egen helse på nett

Til nå har over 150.000 pasienter benyttet seg av CheckWare. Bedriften har allerede 250 kunder, og kontorer både i Norge, England og Polen. Drømmen er å bringe konseptet ut til hele verden.

Heidi Blengsli Aabel