We will contribute to better, increased and simpler interaction between the public and private sectors. We do this by establishing and supporting meeting places for sharing and innovation that are characterized by neutrality and high quality.

NorStella's task is to contribute to the digitalisation of Norway by being a neutral meeting place that actively contributes to increased collaboration across industries, sectors and professions. Active contribution involves inviting to conferences and workshops, and if necessary take the initiative to establish network groups, activities and projects for deep diving in special areas. In recent times, this has been a lot about health (AKSON)

Through this, we want to contribute to efficiency and value creation among our members and partners, by being a driving force for:

  • Simplification of regulations, processes and procedures within national and international industry / trade, both in the private and public sector.
  • Efficient implementation and profitable use of standardized data exchange between organizations / units.

Due to NorStella's independent position in the market, NorStella can serve any player and company in the market. In this way, we can contribute to the establishment of cross-sectoral solutions, based on open standards such as UN / CEFACT, UBL and ebXML for the benefit of all user groups / actors.

We also have the administrative responsibility for Oxalis. This is the leading implementation of open source code that supports the delivery of Peppol eDelivery Services (AS4) for the Peppol network, ie a prerequisite for companies to be able to send e-invoices to each other.