Fredrik Gulowsen


Combines the power of digitalisation with Norwegian welfare values.

Nyby has developed an app that will make it easier to connect service recipients to the right welfare resources.

Airbnb has revolutionized the hotel and tourism industry. In the US, the Über app has taken over large parts of the taxi industry. And for many, Tinder has revolutionized how they get in touch with new people. There is little doubt that digitalisation can be a driver for change. The Nyby welfare app will be a little different - it does not want to take over, or replace - for Nyby, the goal is to equip the Nordic welfare society for the challenges of the future.

- We have seen that there is enormous power in digital platforms. For the welfare model to continue to be relevant and survive in the future, we must make full use of the digital platform. At the same time, it is important that we do not forget the values ​​in the Nordic model, says Nyby founder, Fredrik Gulowsen.

Simply explained, Nyby is an app that will make it easier to put people with different welfare needs in direct contact with the right resources. For example, the app can connect a pensioner with a claim for home help directly to care workers and volunteers.

- We have an unbalanced welfare model where we have increased needs - especially due to the aging wave - but at the same time more who fall outside. What Nyby does is make the needs visible to the available resources. For example, if someone needs a visiting friend, we can connect them to resourceful pensioners, NAV users on duty, neighborhoods, and organizations. Nyby is a digital platform that connects the diversity of needs with the diversity of resources, says Gulowsen.