VIS - Vestlandets Innovasjonsselskap AS

Etablert: 2004

Produkt: Tjenester innen innovasjon og utvikling


VIS - Vestlandets Innovasjonsselskap AS

We contribute to solving societal challenges effectively, and that new knowledge and ideas come in handy. Researchers, entrepreneurs and established businesses come to VIS with challenges and ideas that we further develop together.

Our ambition is to be the natural supporter of established business with challenges and researchers, entrepreneurs and students with results or ideas with an innovative potential. The goal is for the idea to be viable in the future, and provide society with better services, products or processes.

VIS has the collaboration skills required for Western Norway's ecosystem for innovation, innovation and growth to have both breadth, edge and ambition. Our business developers and consultants will facilitate the provision of relevant advice, connect different environments, carry out projects and give you the opportunity to use our extensive expertise.