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Vakt og Alarm As

We deliver alarm, communication and security solutions to open care and institutions.

In recent years, many Norwegian municipalities have carried out projects with a view to introducing new technology within what has been given the concept of welfare technology. Our employees have worked with such technology for many years already and we have gained considerable practical experience in the field. The most famous project we have participated in is the Lindås project. In Lindås municipality, we have as an equipment supplier and as a technical contractor through our local partner, delivered more than 200 advanced welfare technology solutions to home residents in the municipality. The project is part of a research project under the auspices of Bergen University College.

As a significant contributor to this project, we have gained solid experience of what in practice works best with the residents and what type of sensor technologies are best suited for the individual user. not least, we have learned a lot about what it takes for the technology to have the best possible positive effect for residents, relatives and the municipality. This is knowledge we are happy to share with our customers!