ALV-Møre og Romsdal


ALV-Møre og Romsdal

Through co-creation between different social actors, ALV contributes to building and disseminating knowledge about welfare technology and service innovation.

ALV-Møre og Romsdal is a learning arena for welfare technology, operated through a partnership between NTNU in Ålesund and 19 municipalities. ALV-Møre og Romsdal works to build and share knowledge about welfare technology through co-creation between the public sector, academia, user organizations, private business and other social actors.

In 2013, NTNU in Ålesund and Ålesund municipalities established a collaborative project with the aim of establishing a learning arena for welfare technology. This has led to today's ALV-Møre og Romsdal, which includes NTNU and 18 partnership municipalities. The project group that has followed the project from the beginning now functions as a network with expertise in health sciences, ICT sciences, construction sciences and innovation sciences, with representatives from both universities and municipalities.

ALV-Møre og Romsdal has established an apartment at NTNU in Ålesund which is furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room and equipped with modern known technology. This apartment is the physical Arena for Learning about Welfare Technology (ALV-Møre og Romsdal) and functions as a laboratory for testing, development and learning related to welfare technology and innovation.

ALV-Møre og Romsdal is linking to a project with the partners that time-limited satellites. The satellites constitute learning arenas where the interdisciplinary collaboration that ALV represents will strengthen the satellite project, at the same time as ALV harnesses knowledge and experience from the satellite project. ALV wants to contribute to increased co-creation between different social actors.