Stiftelsen ALS Norge


The ALS Norway Foundation

The foundation aims to support research on the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), as well as treatment of the disease.

The foundation also aims to increase the quality of life for those with ALS, and for their relatives. The foundation will raise funds to be able to provide support for research on ALS, and to promote research on ALS in Norway. The foundation's purpose will also support other ALS projects that take place in Norway. We also have an important goal of increasing competence in Norway, gaining increased focus on ALS in Norway. The foundation's purpose is to make everyone aware of what ALS is, and what this disease does to those affected. The foundation has its own children and youth group that has 100% focus on the youngest relatives.

The professional group in the foundation is visiting municipalities talking about ALS.

We have a specialist nurse from A-hus who works daily with a respirator, and can come to your municipality and provide good and safe training about home respirators.

The foundation has its own peer ALS brochure for adults and for children. You can get it free of charge and contact us via our website:

In February 2016, we reached a large and important goal. We have managed to get research in Norway on ALS. They have started research on ALS in Oslo and in Trondheim.

We also want to raise funds for research into the disease and treatment in Norway, and have a broad and good collaboration with researchers in Norway and the Nordic countries. From 2014 until today, we have donated more than NOK 9 million to ALS researchers in Norway.

We have been running and fighting for ALS in Norway since February 2008. The ALS Norway Foundation has received research in Norway, and this is something we can document that we have started.

Stem cell research on ALS.

Basic research at ALS.

Genetic testing / research on ALS.

Clinical research on ALS.

Environmental factor research on ALS. (algae, environmental factors)

Research on Cognitive impairment and ALS.

We also support research on A house: Prevalence and cause of ALS.

We are also investing in the start-up of the ALS register at St Olav in Trondheim now in the near future (summer 2019)