Informasjonskontroll AS

Øyvind Steira Mikkelsen

Informasjonskontroll AS

We develop software and electronics for customers.

Our focus is to arrive at the best solutions together with our customers.

In order for the end product to be as good as possible, in addition to the technical and functional, one must also be aware of the development process itself. We know from experience that you do not have all the answers ready when you start a development race. The process must therefore be so smooth that you are able to take with you the knowledge and learning you gain through the development process, and not just stare blindly at the specification you started with.

Information Control is headquartered in Skjetten outside Oslo but in 2015 also opened an office in Western Norway.

Utvikler løsninger etter behov

Til tross for at det er og har vært vanskelige økonomiske tider i regionen, har noen markeder holdt seg stabile. Informasjonskontroll AS sin etablering på Vestlandet har ført til stor suksess og gode samarbeid med lokale bedrifter.

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