Vingmed AS

Mathias Ostad

Vingmed AS

Vingmed AS has supplied the Norwegian healthcare system with competitive, high-quality products for over 50 years. We closely monitor global market trends and represent manufacturers that hold a leading position in their respective fields

Vingmed provides advanced medical technology equipment and consumables to Norwegian hospitals. Together with our sister companies in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, the Vingmed Group is one of the largest distributors in the Nordic region within cardiology, radiology, endoscopy, intensive care, surgery, dialysis, and e-health.

We choose to collaborate with companies that prioritize research and development and adhere to strict quality standards in their production.

Responsibility is a key word in our business. We aim to build long-term and trusting relationships with our customers and suppliers. By developing employees and the company to actively take responsibility for the products we sell in all situations, we can offer unique service and create a trusting customer relationship.

Our products are technically advanced and require specialized expertise in terms of training, service, and support. With over 70 employees possessing significant expertise and problem-solving capabilities, you as a customer are served by product specialists and engineers with extensive experience in medical applications.


Vingmed aims to be the leading provider of products, services, and innovations that contribute to a better, safer, and more efficient healthcare system.

Core Values:

VINGMED AS is a leading supplier of technically advanced and unique medical equipment designed for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients in the healthcare sector. Together with our Scandinavian sister companies, we offer and develop services related to these products.

Our values are based on:

Respect and Trust: We respect our employees, suppliers, and customers and are mindful of the environment in which we operate.

Competence: We deliver technically advanced and unique medical equipment, requiring continuous development of our employees' and customers' expertise.

Loyalty: Vingmed demonstrates loyalty to employees, customers, suppliers, and the society we are part of.

Delivery Capability: We aim for a rapid response to inquiries and the delivery of goods and services.

Longevity: Our goal is to build long-term and committed relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

Social Responsibility – VINGMED AS contributes to the development of healthcare through its activities, adhering to the laws and regulations imposed on us. Through high ethical standards and competence, we incorporate total quality into our deliveries.