Jostein Flatin


Studio X assists startups and established businesses with concept development, UX design, and customized apps and systems development

We love working with tech startups that are passionate about bringing their services to the market and have a close collaboration with many startup communities. We aim to be a long-term tech partner in your journey from concept development to global scaling.

Honesty, Trust, and Commitment

We need open and honest communication to ensure that our clients are always updated on the progress and challenges in our projects. This is necessary to ensure a good and long-term collaboration. Despite working across various industries, we have seen increased health-related projects in recent years (MedTech). Contributing knowledge and experience in health-related applications and systems is rewarding and exciting.

Feasibility Study – A Critical Phase

Conducting a feasibility study is the most critical phase in developing an application or system, forming a solid foundation for the entire project. It sets the goals, defines the scope, and increases the likelihood of success. Without this foundation, one can easily deviate from the original vision and miss the target. The content of a feasibility study may vary. Still, it should include a functional/technical description, app design (UI/UX), technology-related strategy and consultation, and a prototype to provide a basic understanding of the app or system. The results will be used, among other things, in estimating the development phase, ensuring a shared understanding of what needs to be developed. Additionally, the customer can use a clickable prototype to present the idea and concept to potential investors, support applications, and more.

We want you to succeed.

One of our main goals is to develop robust applications and systems that contribute to the growth of our clients.