French company settles in Norway to help elderly people

03. apr. 2017

French company settles in Norway to help elderly people

Trialog, a French innovation company based in Paris, is NSCC’s newest member. Trialog recently established in Norway to develop business for the Norwegian social and health care sector.

– Norway, as well as France, has an aging population that needs to be supplied with new technology solutions. For instance, we have developed the platform INOtailored and its associated applications to make life easier for the elderly population, says Antoine Lunet, business developer in Trialog.

Lunet is currently based in Oslo as Trialog’s only representative in Norway. The Paris based Innovation Company recently decided to expand their business, and they are now looking for partners in Norway.

– The platform INO and its applications are already being used in France, but it can be launched here in Norway as well as soon as the conditions are met. The goal is to personalize it to the needs of a specific territory, says Lunet.

One app, called ”Here and Now” in English, is designed to enhance the interactions of the local organizations of a territory with people living there. A territory can be a city, a country or a region. The app is meant to be a tool for both elderly people and anyone else so that they can keep track of local information from local authorities, association, shops and enterprise.

– We are striving to make the solutions customized for the elderly population here in Norway. That’s why we are looking to get in touch with Norwegian companies that provide services to elderly people, says Lunet.

Other applications can share the features of the platform INO to take profit of an unified user profile in order to track and possibly share any personal data in a secure environment. That is their appointments, their professional contacts, some of their medical record, insurances and what’s going on around them. It also provides an environment for the users so that they can be socially integrated in their territory.

Different fields
Trialog is an independent company founded in 1987 in France, Paris. Its clients are large industrial European companies, and Trialog offers technological innovations to four different fields: Energy (Smart Metering and Smart Grid), electric Mobility, cyber-security and privacy, and social and health care.

– We decided to establish in Norway because this country’s prone to try new innovation. Norway is one of the leading countries when it comes to electric mobility, so it was kind of a no-brainer, says Lunet.

He adds that Norway is a country that’s not afraid to try new things, and that Trialog though it would be an interesting country to try new activities in. He emphasizes the importance of them getting in touch with local companies. Trialog is working on several smart care solutions in addition to the first app.

– We are working on the INO platform that can be used as a basis for developing new apps, including integrated partner apps. We want to share knowledge and expertise with other companies so that they can plug on to our platform and cover more ground, says Lunet.

Their goal is to collaborate and exchange work with other companies in the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, so that Trialog can have both projects here in Norway and help Norwegian companies to win markets in France.

– We want to find out if health care companies or innovation companies based here would like to join us on projects in France. That is one of the reasons why we wanted to be a member of NSCC, says Lunet.

Robotic project
Trialog decided to switch their focus to smart care last November, and Lunet quickly got in touch with NSCC to gain knowledge about the challenges when it comes to smart care in Norway.

– We are the first French company to join the cluster, and during my conversation with the NSCC representative it became apparent that a membership would be beneficial, says Lunet.

Trialog´s goal is to build long lasting relationships with other companies in the cluster and work on both French and Norwegian projects. In addition to developing different smart care platforms, Trialog is also the project leader of a H2020 research project between the EU and Japan.

– We are working on a robotics project to make small, cute-looking robots that can help people on their different journeys. It can either be at a health center or a museum, where these robots can give relevant information and guidance to the users, says Lunet.

The project is currently at an early development stage, but Norway will potentially be the first country after France to be provided with these robots. This makes Trialog a very interesting company to look out for in the future.