Idea and Development Phase

Testing already in the idea and development phase gives you valuable insight. It reduces the risk and increases the speed of the development process.

Is there potential to make business out of your idea? Is there actually anyone who is willing to pay for the product or solution? These are some of the questions you get help to clarify in phase one.

Market clarification - evaluation of potential

Once you have an idea and want to develop it further, it is first important to clarify these three points:

  • Does your product idea have business potential?
  • Is the market willing to pay for the product or solution?
  • Does the solution or product cover an actual need?

It is often difficult to find out where the solution fits in and who will procure it. NSCL knows the market and through our network, we can help you find key persons to evaluate the potential of your idea.

EXAMPLE: Medsensio develops a research-based solution (article in Norwegian)

FOCUS GROUP: Here, Helfy presents their plan for developing a web-based solution. In a focus group composed of people with relevant knowledge, the company receives feedback at an early stage of the development phase. (Photo: Jofrid Åsland, NSCC)

Concept testing - to find errors and omissions

We recommend testing a product idea as early as possible with real users. It will reveal flaws and shortcomings before you spend too much money on development. In this phase, we can help you develop a simple prototype. To evaluate the concept or idea, we find relevant users and tests.

EXAMPLE: Tidewave R&D and pressure ulcer specialist test reversal regimen (article in Norwegian)

Cost/benefit assessment - mapping of gains

If you are going to succeed with providing your solution to the health service, you should be certain that it will provide a cost reduction or that the service will be significantly improved with your solution. In this test, we assess the cost/benefit of the delivery of a new service where your solution is included. We map today’s market for health services and design a journey where your solution is included. In this way, we can estimate a possible gain.

We recommend a thorough mapping of the solution in connection with a possible pilot phase. It will give a final confirmation of what your product has to offer the market.

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