You have everything to gain from making the right choices and testing the concept with real users throughout the development of the product. It provides control over risk factors, and the opportunity to adapt the solutions you are developing.

The goal is to contribute to solutions and products that fit in and cover actual needs in the health service. In this phase, we lay a solid foundation for the important and correct path choices.

Technological path choices

At the beginning of a development project, it is useful to point out the key technological solutions that can lift the project. This is how we ensure that the project meets the needs of the future. It is useful to get an overview of available electronics that can be included in the solution. At the same time, we want control over the leading trends in the field for the relevant solution. In this test, we offer a mapping of opportunities related to the business strategy of the company. We make recommendations on technological choices and costs.

Choice of IT solution and recommended reference architecture

In the health industry, there are many considerations to take into account when developing an IT tool.

Here are some of the common questions that appear:

  • How should the solution be operated in a safe way?
  • How is data shared, stored and handled in accordance with the GDPR and the norm?
  • How do you communicate with other IT systems?

NSCL can help map out the business’s needs. We can make recommendations that will make the solution equipped to meet the requirements of the market.

Function tests - Test of user experience

It is important that the solution is tested with real users (such as patients and/or healthcare professionals) throughout the development. NSCL helps to set up a test panel that can verify the solution throughout the development process.

Simulation and testing of the solution - the service perspective

In addition to testing whether the solution/ product itself functions as desired, it is essential to simulate the solution as part of a service delivery. We do this to optimize the project, and to make training/ implementation, operation/ maintenance, and daily use efficient and useful for everyone.

Price sensitivity

It is often difficult to assess which pricing policy the company should choose for the new solutions that have been developed. Therefore, we offer a package for conducting price sensitivity tests. This is how we map willingness to pay for the product that is developed.

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