Sustainability - is your company ready?

We help you prepare an innovative and sustainable strategy, so that you can keep up with the demands that are now being set by customers, authorities, and society in general.

The service package is provided by: Vinco

We all need to change how we work, and we need to adapt our business models. Climate change is becoming increasingly visible across the globe, and we must ensure that future generations live in a sustainable and green world.

There are two approaches for companies to solve the sustainability problem.

  • First way is to take responsibility for the company's environmental and social footprint and act to reduce the company's negative costs (externalities).
  • Second approach is to see others’ negative externalities as an opportunity to create new business models.

The key is to understand that while sustainability issues can be a major concern for businesses, they can also be the source of many profitable business opportunities and a competitive advantage for businesses that manage to embrace them.

The issues of sustainability should be considered as drivers of innovation!

What does the package contain?

This first package “Recognize” aims to create a first building block for companies to understand the sustainability problem, its different dimensions and brainstorm on first courses of action.