Functional Lab Test

We test the functionality of your product or service and adapt the test to the company’s needs. This package is suitable for you who want to test your prototype in a controlled lab environment.

This service is provided by: Norwegian Smart Care Lab

A functional test in the lab will give your company valuable insight, and make it easier to adjust and improve your concept. The product does not have to be a fully developed solution or a clickable prototype but can consist of pictures or drawings that show what the solution is planned to look like. The lab test is designed to give you as a company concrete feedback through a scenario-based approach.

Input from the target group

In this package, we test the solution in a pre-constructed scenario. Participants test the product in a relevant context. It gives them a good basis for giving feedback on the properties of the solution and giving insight into their own experiences and reflections. The test participants must be able to familiarize themselves with or represent the target group for the solution. This method provides knowledge about what provides value to potential users. We can investigate whether the solution is user-friendly and understandable, and the company can draw inspiration for new and changed areas of use or target groups.

Three labs available

The service package is carried out in one of our three labs, which are modern and adapted test facilities. The labs are located in Grimstad, Stavanger and Bergen. The premises have rooms that are equipped as a hospital, institution, and home environment.

What does the company get?

Norwegian Smart Care Lab is responsible for planning, recruiting participants and conducting the function test. Everything will be done in consultation with the company's wishes. We facilitate a close dialogue and cooperation throughout the process. This presupposes that the company sets aside time for planning and makes itself available for conversations throughout the test period.

The delivery contains:

  • Testing of the solution in a controlled lab environment
  • A written report with advice for the way forward
  • User insights