Stakeholder panel

This service is suitable if you want to test the market potential for your company's solution. Feedback from an expert panel will provide a basis for clarifying the market potential and building a good development strategy.

This service is provided by: Norwegian Smart Care Lab

Norwegian Smart Care Lab works closely with the company throughout the process to ensure the recruitment of the right participants and a clear and thorough interview guide.

Some of the questions may be:

  • Who are potential customers for your product/solution?
  • Who needs your product/solution?
  • How is this problem solved today and is it a satisfactory solution?
  • Does your solution have a utility value and what benefits can it provide?
  • What experiences do relevant professionals have?
  • Will your solution work in practice and who owns the problem?
  • Who will be responsible for procuring your solution?
  • What is a good pricing model for the product?

Stakeholder panels provide clarification

To get an answer to these questions, one should establish a dialogue with professionals, decision-makers, users, health professionals, and other relevant groups. Norwegian Smart Care Lab recruits participants in consultation with the company and facilitates a semi-structured group interview (focus group). The feedback from the expert panel will provide insight that can be used to clarify the market potential and further strategic development for the company.

What does the company get?

The market clarification package will give your company specific feedback on the business model and presentation of the business concept. At the same time, the company will gain market insight and a summary report from the focus group.

The delivery contains:

  • Market clarification test in a focus group
  • Completed interview guide
  • Feedback on business model and concept
  • Market insight
  • Summary report from Norwegian Smart Care Lab