Functional On-site Test

In this service package, we test the functionality of your product or service in a real environment.

This service is provided by: Norwegian Smart Care Lab

Norwegian Smart Care Lab facilitates the process with on-site testing. We observe and document the user experience when the solution is tested in a service perspective. Your company will gain valuable insight from the target group about how the solution works in practice.

The questions we seek to find answers to:

  • How well does your product or service work in a real environment?
  • What obstacles can arise for the operator or end-user?
  • How does your solution fit into the health service?
  • What should you consider before an implementation process?

Planning is key

Piloting the solution in the service requires planning, training and close follow-up. A structured approach is crucial so that the participants will have a good experience, and to ensure the company relevant insight into further development work. Norwegian Smart Care Lab has knowledge of the health service and experience with conducting function tests in the health service.

The function test is tailored to each individual company. Our experience indicates that a duration of 1 - 6 weeks is often enough to gain enough insight at this stage. This will be individual and depend on what insight you are seeking.

The implementation of the test consists of a planning phase, an implementation phase, and a final phase. The planning phase consists of three meetings with the company where we map wishes and needs. Implementation depends on the company's needs. We clarify expectations and test needs before the service package starts. The final phase consists of a group meeting with the participants and written feedback to the company.

What does the company get?

Norwegian Smart Care Lab is responsible for planning, recruiting participants, and conducting the function test. Everything will be done in consultation with the company's wishes. We facilitate a close dialogue and cooperation throughout the process. This presupposes that the company sets aside time for planning and makes itself available for conversations throughout the test period.

The delivery contains:

  • Test of the solution in a real environment
  • A written report with advice for the way forward
  • User insight
  • Summary group interview