The amount of tests and approvals that must be in place to launch health solutions is high. We help you identify which certifications apply to your product and your solutions.

What does it take for the health solution or product of the company to be approved? In phase four, we find the answers to this question together. Here we look at what is required of resources and how the company can carry out the various tests.

We can help with this:

  • Safety assessment in relation to the Norm / GDPR
  • Interoperability
  • Continuous certification
  • Verification of solution in relation to welfare technology reference architecture
  • API verification
  • ISO certification
  • Certification of Medical Equipment
  • Universal design
  • ROS analysis
  • Test in relation to the Norm and GDPR
  • Test of universal design
  • Safety Test - Penetration Test
  • Stress test, test of robustness in solution

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