House of Knowledge AS

House of Knowledge AS

House of Knowledge helps strengthen companies’ competitiveness and raises IP/IPR, Innovation and Standardization awareness and competence on all levels

House of Knowledge Works globally and delivers services on:

1. Awareness and knowledge

2. Operational capability

3. Strategy counseling

Specialists on protection of competitiveness.

Special focus on intangibles, “IPR”, standardisation,

innovation and strategy. Focusing on helping leaders

to understand this cross disciplinary field.


House of Knowledge develop organisation’s operational capabilities

Implementing the IP element to existing procedures, policies and strategies

Building on status quo and existing elements

Identifying both risks and opportunities

Give strategic advice and counsel


The House of Knowledge Academy is a knowledge and training service for businesses. The aim is to increase awareness, knowledge and skills to support and develop capability on IP and Competitiveness.

House of Knowledge have developed Serious Games and on-demand-bite-size eLearning for training

Serious Games: og og

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