Dataunitor AS

Dataunitor AS

We provide customized data center solutions through our own data center and product development services

Dataunitor is a research, technology and development company, focusing on data science and applications including data engineering, data management, data analytics, security and privacy.

Our management team is located in Stavanger. Our engineering bench is located in Izmir, Turkey.
Dataunitor is in close collaboration with the academic research environment especially in Norway, and develops products mostly based on the proven results of academic research.

Prototyping and Product Development
• We conduct R&D and develop high tech innovative prototypes and products
• We obtain patents and product rights and provide the technology as a product with patents and rights.
• We launch spinoffs for developed prototype.

Data Center
We provide high tech Tier III platforms as a service (PaaS) that comply with the European and international security and privacy directives/laws.

Program Development
We provide 2D/3D system applications with customized specifications.

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