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Turid Bergersen

AcuFriend AS

AcuFriend relives digital eyestrain and headaches

Problem to be solved:

50 % of the worlds population suffers from headache, reference source: NRK Halvparten av verdens befolkning sliter med hodepine, viser ny forskning fra NTNU – NRK Trøndelag

Digital eyestrain-DES are often the precursor to headaches. 50-80 % of all users of digital devices world wide, reports of digital eyestrain problems, and is defined as a global health problem.

What is the Impact of Digital Eye Strain on Adults?

Modern work and lifestyle changes have forced us to spend extended hours in close-range activities, such as viewing smart phones, computer work, e-books, and hand-held gaming. The increased demands of these activities on your eyes can leave you with uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. For some people, eye strain can also lead to reduction in productivity and ability to concentrate—and may even negatively impact your vision health.

Common symptoms of visual fatigue are headaches, tired eyes, neck or back pain, burning or stinging eyes, and difficulty focusing for extended periods of time.

Our solution:

AcuFriend is an acupressure clip that treats and prevents digital eyestrain and headache by applying pressure(Acupressure) on acupuncturepoints UB1 and UB2 (WHO).

AcuFriend treats the eye for different eye discomfort problems related to eyestrain, without medication.

Todays recomanded solutions:

  • Eye drops
  • Lences
  • Glasses
  • Eye exercises

No one of this seloutions treats the eye like AcuFriend does.

If you still havent catched this product, try search for digital eyestrain on google:

Here you will find that almost 80 % of the pictures of people are doing the pain relief grip in the eye socket.

Go to:

  • Google
  • Digital eye strain
  • Pictures

AcuFriend does this grip for you.

AcuFriend prevents and relives eyestrain, headache and gives an calming effect.

Who we are:

AcuFriend AS are located in Gol.

AcuFriend is designed and produced in Norway.

We are looking for investor and new partners.