CarciNor is a nationwide association that works to improve living conditions for people with neuroendocrine cancer and their relatives. The association works for their interests.

Neuroendocrine cancer is a large group of cancers with a number of underdiagnosis. Most of these cancers usually develop slowly, with the result that the vast majority of patients have developed a chronic cancer when the disease is diagnosed. It is important that both patients and relatives have someone who speaks their case, and who can offer support, information and exchange of experience with others in the same situation. CarciNor has its own peers and self-help groups to be able to provide information and support. This can contribute to better quality of life and coping.

Research and information are an important part of CarciNor's work. CarciNor works to help inform about, and find a diagnosis and treatment for those affected by NET cancer. We have a good collaboration with the medical professional environment in Norway, and through our own research fund, CarciNor contributes financial resources to research on NET cancer.

CarciNor also contributes and collaborates with other international patient associations within neuroendocrine cancer.