Oxyl Clean AS


Tor Petter Eriksen

Oxyl Clean AS

Oxyl Clean develops and sells products that improve the environment.

Oxyl Clean AS is a Karmøy company that was established in 2016, and is the exclusive distributor for the product Oxyl-Pro.

Oxyl-Pro is a unique disinfection product that is 100% sustainable, the raw materials in the production process maintain food quality. It breaks down easily and naturally into water and oxygen. It does not contain silver or other heavy metals. Oxyl-Pro is the result of many years of research and developed to be able to offer the market an alternative to chlorine and other environmentally toxic water purification products.

Oxyl Clean AS has also developed technology for water purification systems and 24/7 water monitoring systems together with various partners in Norway.

Oxyl Clean AS received an invitation from the UN in December 2019 to join their portfolio of sustainable companies (U4SSC), which indicates that the work we have done so far is being noticed.

Increased environmental focus globally gives the company a unique opportunity for rapid and comprehensive growth in the coming years. The product has applications in many industries around the world, including municipal sector (waterworks, public buildings, swimming facilities, etc.), aquaculture, agriculture, ship and offshore, etc.