Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg

We work to create conditions for the entire region's business community by assisting with knowledge, contacts and arenas for collaboration. Business Region Gothenburg is responsible for business development in the City of Gothenburg.

It should be easy to start, develop and establish companies in the Gothenburg region. It is an attitude that permeates and characterizes our entire business.

Business Region Gothenburg creates conditions for the region's business community by contributing knowledge and contacts for successful business.

We are 13 municipalities

Our entire business is based on the belief that alone is not the strongest. The municipalities in the Gothenburg region have collaborated since the 1990s and since 2000 this collaboration has taken place within Business Region Gothenburg's operations. We cooperate in business development issues, around land and premises, establishment issues etc.

Three business areas

In order to work efficiently, and create the business climate we strive for, we have focused our resources on three main business areas:

Business development

We work to create long-term sustainable growth for new entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies. We do this by creating conditions for enterprising people to realize their business ideas and run growing companies.

Etablering och investering

Vi fokuserar på att attrahera etableringar och investeringar till Göteborgsregionen. Det gör vi genom att erbjuda en enkel, trygg och helt konfidentiell etableringsprocess. Vi lotsar företagen kostnadsfritt genom hela processen.

Kluster & Innovation

Vi skapar hållbar tillväxt genom att aktivt arbeta för kluster- och innovationsutveckling i Göteborgsregionen. Det gör vi genom att identifiera styrkeområden, knyta samman människor från företag, akademin och offentlig verksamhet i värdefulla nätverk, samt initiera branschsamarbeten som leder till kommersiellt bärkraftiga innovationer.

Creates good conditions for growth

We are involved in contexts where future strategies for a growing Gothenburg region are developed. It is about growth strategies, to create conditions for a larger labor market region with an attractive city center in central Gothenburg as the engine. In order for the Gothenburg region to continue to be an attractive place to operate and live in, we see that investments in infrastructure and urban development are extremely important.

Works for a better business climate

One of our most important goals is to work for a constantly improving business climate. The aim is for the Gothenburg region's business climate to develop into one of Europe's best. It must be characterized by openness and appreciated personal treatment. In a shorter perspective, we want the Gothenburg region's business climate to be ranked highest by the country's metropolitan regions.

Analyzes facts and statistics about business

Our role also includes being experts in the Gothenburg region's business community and the needs of the business community. We can do this by opening doors and offering knowledge in different phases. We conduct extensive analysis work, both in terms of facts and statistics about the business community in the Gothenburg region as well as external monitoring of other regions and various industries. Every quarter, we publish a business cycle report in which we analyze various indicators for the Gothenburg region. We annually compile the publication Facts & Statistics in both English and Swedish, which shows key data on the region's business life.

Facilitates international business and relations

Through strong international relations, we help the region's small and medium - sized companies enter new markets. Among other things, through our business Green Gothenburg, where we can bring together companies from the region with the right players in the international market.

We also have the Enterprise Europe Network as part of the large European business network for small businesses. Here, entrepreneurs can turn to free advice on how to do business and get financing within the EU. Business Region Gothenburg also has offices in Brussels to monitor announcements and issues that can strengthen companies' competitiveness. When official international delegations visit Gothenburg, we are one of the participating parties.

Marketing of Gothenburg

We are responsible for and ensure that Gothenburg is marketed from a business development perspective - regionally, nationally and internationally. As many as possible should be able to take part in the historical development leap that our region is in, all the fantastic stories and the opportunities that exist from an investment and establishment perspective. Those who live and work in the region should feel proud to be a part of everything that happens.

Creates meeting places and shares knowledge with us

To share knowledge about the development in the Gothenburg region's business life, we arrange seminars and other meetings, publish news, analyzes, reports, reports and much more. Both in our own various media channels and by providing good service to independent media in their mission. But we also gather information, knowledge and contacts by representing the Gothenburg region in contexts where business relationships are created and investment decisions are prepared. We act as a mouthpiece between politics and business and create arenas for meetings with the best interests of business in focus.