Karabin Sans AS


Tor Åge Vorren

Karabin Sans AS

Sans is a Norwegian design company that works for improvements and service innovation that provides benefits for patients, relatives, healthcare personnel and healthcare institutions

At Sans, our focus is that design should create value. All our designers work systematically to ensure a targeted human centred design process. Sans is a strategic design company that consists of methodologically strong service designers, digital designers and design thinkers. Our job is to solve the right problem, and solve the problem correctly, with a focus on people and effects. Sans consists of enthusiastic designers with many years of experience in digital, physical and hybrid user journeys, courses and facilitation and we continuously learn through projects and from each other.

We have specialized in documenting the results of design, and are part of Karabingruppen, which consists of four companies with different expertise. All the companies work actively towards documenting and achieving benefits from improvements for our customers. We do this by setting up the "4-level model", which ensures a focus on gains for: employees, users, the business and the society.