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Lærdal Medical

Lærdal Medical delivers a wide range of medical equipment and services.

They have an extensive business related to training and simulation especially related to emergency medicine. Laerdal Medical is committed to the motto: Helping Save Lives, and is a leading provider of training and teaching aids as well as therapy for life-saving and emergency medical treatment.

The vision is that no one should die or be unnecessarily disabled in connection with childbirth or as a result of sudden illness or serious injury.

Laerdal's portfolio consists of medical simulation products, CPR training dolls and acute therapeutic products that are in extensive use around the world, including voluntary organizations, hospitals, the military and within educational institutions. Well-known products include: Resusci Anne, SimMan, NeoNatalie and CPRmeter.

The company has operations in 23 countries and has 1,400 employees.


Inspirerende besøk hos Laerdal Medical

Historien til denne bedriften ligger i veggene. Deltakerne fikk servert både historie og nåtid da NSCC arrangerte bedriftsbesøk hos Laerdal Medical. – Dette er utrolig kult. Her er alt på ett hus midt i Stavanger, sa deltaker Harald Sævareid.

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Vil bidra til å redde 500 000 liv hvert år

Laerdal Medical har som mål å bidra til å redde 500 000 liv hvert år fra 2020.

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