RoomMate AS

Sven Seljom

RoomMate AS

RoomMate - anonymized digital surveillance.

RoomMate is an innovative solution for anonymised digital surveillance with automatic alerting or notification in critical situations. RoomMate includes an advanced 3D sensor that works completely independently of daylight. RoomMate is permanently mounted at the top of the wall in the room and automatically sends out an SMS alert in various situations without the user having to press a button or carry other equipment on the body.

RoomMate can alert in these situations:

  • Fall
  • Leaving the bed without returning within a certain time
  • Sits up in bed
  • Chair notice
  • Goes in / out of the room
  • Activity
  • Two-way talk (2018)


  • Nursing home
  • Nursing homes / health centers
  • Living at home
  • Housing community for people with dementia
  • Housing for the mentally handicapped


Satset alt på anonymt tilsyn

Det er 7 år siden gutta bak RoomMate sa opp gode jobber for å bli gründere. Først nå begynner de å tjene penger på velferdsteknologien sin.

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