Praesidio Totalis

Reidar August Iversen
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Praesidio Totalis 

We supply homeGuard - an intelligent fire prevention system that prevents most fires related to incorrect use, or faults in electrical appliances. with errors.

homeGuard protects you and your loved ones by taking care of the most flammable electrical appliances. During smoke development, homeGuard automatically cuts off the power to the electrical appliances before they degenerate into fire. Typical flammable appliances homeGuard ensures: Hob, oven, coffee maker, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, panel ovens, chargers etc.

Praesidio Totalis AS was founded in 2013. It was established on the basis of a specific need that the existing product could not cover; simple and intelligent fire protection of stoves and other electrical appliances, without the user having to deal with a new system, new buttons and new sounds, and without being put out of play by, for example, demented people or irresponsible tenants in shared kitchens.

We sell our product under the brand name homeGuard to, among other things, asylum homes, retirement homes and student housing, in addition to private homes. Our products gain access because they take care of fire prevention by means of presence and / or smoke detection, and, best of all, because it can be installed by anyone; plug-and-play. This means no expensive installation, easy and safe use.