Håvard Liltved Dalen


ViVil AS develops technology to unleash the potential of people through simpler collaboration and connection to tasks.

At ViVil, we are concerned with how technology can enable people to do more. We believe that society is moving in the right direction when citizens are allowed to spend their time on what they are good at and thought was meaningful.

Our main product is ViVil (, a digital platform for organizing and engaging volunteers through simpler planning and communication.

ViVil also develops a matching API to connect people to tasks based on characteristics and interests and offers IT consulting services to selected customers in the voluntary sector.

ViVil AS is based in Stavanger and Oslo and we have several innovative municipalities and voluntary organizations on the customer list.

We are always looking for new customers, good people who want to work with us, industrial partners and exciting research projects. Feel free to contact: +47 45 19 18 44.


Medmenneskelighet satt i system

ViVil AS sin spesialitet er å gjøre det enkelt for organisasjoner å mobilisere, kommunisere og rekruttere frivillige. Nå blir deres kompetanse og teknologi brukt i et treåring utviklingsprosjekt kalt CareMatch.

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